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Privacy Guidelines for "Dailymotion Master Player"

In Effect From: September 9, 2023


At Dailymotion Master Player, we prioritize the confidentiality of those who interact with our application ("users" or "you"). This document delineates the measures we take to ensure your privacy remains intact while using our services.

Data Collection:

Our application itself does not harvest any personal information from users. However, Dailymotion's platform, which our application integrates with, may capture and process user data. We urge you to consult Dailymotion's privacy statement for comprehensive details on their data management practices. link

Links to External Platforms:

Be advised that our application could include connections to services or websites managed by third parties. These external platforms maintain their individual privacy regulations, which we suggest you read separately for a better understanding of their policies.

Security Measures:

We don't gather or retain any personal data through our application. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that no security system can guarantee absolute protection.

Revisions to Privacy Guidelines:

We retain the authority to amend these guidelines at our discretion. In the event of significant updates, users will be informed via the application or alternative communication channels. Periodic review of this document is recommended.

Contact Information:

Should you have any inquiries or concerns about these Privacy Guidelines, kindly reach us at

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